Photography: Newcastle by night


After having to give the beloved Canon 7D  back to my brother-in-law it was time I bought a new camera. I realised quickly I couldn’t afford a DSLR or frankly didn’t need one, as most of my photos are impulse shots on my travels so opted for the Canon EOS M3 which is loaded with […]

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Drawing Confidence Workshops


I’ve recently put together a drawing confidence workshop system for children and some S.E.N. Groups (predominantly primary, although not exclusively) based around concepts of street art and graffiti techniques and production. Firstly creating a six point drawing and markmaking system for young participants to create visually striking work using a range of materials and media with the […]

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Calligraphy: Practice Makes Perfect


Since a early age of about 13 I’ve always been fascinated by freehand type, taggin’ and graffiti handstyles, developing a unique style of handwriting through prolonged practice and a love of writing with pens and paper and collecting the tools of the trade from markers to handmade scribes from all manner of materials. I’ve recently […]

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In-Flight Entertainment @ Arch Sixteen Café

Exhibition Gallery

A big thanks to all who came along to my first solo exhibition: In-Flight Entertainment in Arch Sixteen Café in Gateshead. Here’s a selection of images of the work… enjoy!

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